Autumn Vibes

So it has started as a truly typical Autumn. Rainy and cloudy however in between days of sunny warmth which kind of make this September and October a nice change to the scorching summery August. Don’t get me wrong, I love my summer months and enjoy them immensely. What is there not to like? It is warm, the kids love playing outside, we dress lighter, we eat outside on our terrace and there is plenty of gardening to be done, just to name few of the benefits. Everything looks colorful and green and everyone is somehow healthier and happier.

And what do we do now. We started school last month. The kids have had a nice summer break and are happy getting back to routines and their friends!

I watch them grow each day to the people that they are becoming; smart, precious, kind, and so very sweet. I love them so much and it is an honor to be their mum. Sometimes however I do grow sad to see them growing up so quickly. I mean I know it is normal and positive but it makes me a little teary at times. Perhaps other mums out there know what I mean. It is like you wish you could pause time and let them be little just a bit longer.

What we also do at this time of year a lot (actually always) is bake cakes, read a lot and play games. We cuddle on these rainy days even more then usual! And we spend time with our two beloved cats Felixa (we thought she was a tomcat and named her Felix until we found out otherwise) and Rudi. They are our true companions!!


Ah and we bake bread, bread rolls, sweet bread ….. banana bread. This is our fun activity!

On another note I have been obsessing over candles and decorations. Why candles? Well scented ones and in fine cute boxes which you can also use as a decoration. Those from Primark, Ikea, your local gardening center, or anywhere really. As long as they smell sweet and fresh, vanilla-like or rose-like. My favorite scents.

Oh and jumpers  (mostly pink and white and gray) boots of all kinds and I guess general autumnal feeling in the air. There is something special about it.

I will close this first blog as spontaneously as it had started and wish everyone a happy October.

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