Chestnuts Season


I have been now over three years in Austria (before that many years in Germany) and I am still amazed at all these wonderful Austrian traditions. Almost each month there is something to celebrate. Not only Christmas is important but all these in between traditions and customs.

Austria is a small country nestled in European Alps, full of natural beauty and immense charm. The ravishing green valleys and huge protruding mountains, the lakes, the amazing countryside it is truly breathtaking. It is not only the birthplace of famous composers such as Mozart and Strauss. And it is more than just what we know from Sound of Music …. yes, madly enough in Australia this movie is the definitive description of beautiful Austria whereas in Austria nobody even knows about it. Well not much. I had to tell my husband all about it and he looked at me like I am from another planet. 

Let us get  back on track. It is Autumn now and Chesnuts and Sturm Wine (new wine, red, rich and very sweet and sour all at the same time) is what everyone is eating and drinking. People meet either at each other’s homes or at local Tavern (Gasthaus as it is called) and roast chestnuts and drink this delicious wine. They do this throughout most of October while the Chestnuts are ripe and the weather is warm, sunny and simply perfect. Can you think of a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon?

It is like everyone has waved goodbye to summer and embraced rich, warm Autumn. It is a wonderful way to start our path toward cold winter, socializing with family and friends, enjoying warm weather and always having something new to look forward to. Because in Austria it is really like that. At least in the countryside. Each month and each season has something magical about it.

2 thoughts on “Chestnuts Season”

  1. petwone says:

    When the summer is ending. Autumn has come, the wind gently, occasionlly raindrops, adds autumn coolness!

    1. RoseAugusta says:

      Well said!

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