January Blues

I don’t know about other people but January is not my favorite month. I guess being on such a high during December and excitedly awaiting Christmas (even when stressful), January comes as a shock each year when it is all simply over and the new year has begun. Like I am somehow unprepared for it, the cold days, gray days mostly and this stillness which comes after busy Christmas period. I have read somewhere there is such thing as January Blues and I do believe I have them.

And this weather we have here in Austria at the moment is so dirty and muddy. Mornings though are interesting. Fog takes over and you feel like you stepped into Jane Eyre. Mystical atmosphere all around us. So not all is bad.

I do love however this quiet period after Christmas when the kids settle down to enjoy painting, playing, reading their new books, playing games together on the soft carpet in the living room and having fun. We do take walks when it is not raining and visit our nearby woods which are beautiful no matter what month or season. Time spent with my kids is the most rewarding time for me. They make each day a happy day.

School has started and so have the usual morning and afternoon routines. In the morning we do have stress as we are always in the rush to get things done, from breakfast to getting dressed, packing lunch for school etc. Afternoon comes the homework and various activities such as dance groups, piano or riding …. and on free afternoons spending quality time together as a family.

New year has started and so have new beginnings, old routines which will change over time probably and new possibilities to live up to. It is a blessing to be healthy and happy.

Have a great start to a New Year everybody!

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