Peach Blush Anytime

I love a good peach blush. In Summer and Spring definitely but also in Autumn and Winter.

When you have pale or light skin tone it is really flattering and natural looking. Rose tones are subtle and romantic and also my thing but peach is pretty, soft and dreamy.

I have many different peach blushes as well as rose colored and I like/love most of them.   Recently I have discovered a German brand l.o.v which have some truly amazing high quality products.

Their blush in 020 secret apricot has a gorgeous peachy color, highly pigmented by the way so you only need a little bit to go a long way! It warms the cheeks instantly and one looks immediately fresh and radiant.

This blush has a long lasting matte effect and is filled with moisturizing Hyaluron.

I can only recommend. 👌👌

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